Bholaa full Movie Watch free online : Bholaa serves great action in this fast-paced thriller

Bholaa Movie Review : Bholaa serves great action in this fast-paced thriller

Story: After serving ten years in prison, Bholaa (Ajay Devgn) is eagerly anticipating his first encounter with his daughter. However, IPS officer Diana Joseph (Tabu) forces him to assist her in a high-stress situation that involves the drug mafia, the general public, and a truckload of police, putting him in a perilous position.

Review: The setting for the movie is a truck with three passengers inside (as well as more than a dozen police officers), countless highways, and a long, dark night. And from here, everything proceeds. This high-octane drama features many twists and turns, including emotional scenes and heart-pounding, uncut action. Of course, everything is not as straightforward as it sounds.

There is nothing that appears unlikely when Ajay Devgn rolls up his sleeves and starts to work. And this time, it's more than simply a bunch of cars and persons hurtling through the air. While there is already more than enough of that, here he draws you in with deftly plotted action scenes that exude skill and delicacy. A consistent performer, 
 Ajay also makes you root for Bholaa, a father who has abandoned his daughter but is eager to reunite with her. He is the protagonist in this story, a guy of few words who expresses all of his sorrow and suffering via his eyes. Bholaa, a follower of Lord Shiva, uses his inner rudra form to battle bravely. To eliminate all the barriers that stand between him and his daughter, he fights a swarm of gangs, from bike-riding nasties to greased, kachcha-wearing monsters.

His co-star in numerous films, Tabu, demonstrates that she is equally adept at securing action roles as she is at showcasing her acting skills. As a police officer who is never intimidated by danger, Tabu provides strong support. Her character has a limited storyline, aside from a quick glance into her life outside of the uniform, yet she nonetheless stands out in a tale full of hulking guys with cunning plans and scary appearances. Impressive performance by Deepak Dobriyal as the malevolent and capricious Ashwathama. As the major adversary in this story, he is ruthless and flamboyantly nasty, proving that he is an actor who understands when to pull out all the stops.

It can be difficult for a director to keep a brutal story that takes place over the course of one long night together, but Ajay mostly succeeds in doing so. Throughout the night, a number of incidents are taking place quickly in simultaneously, and each one heightens the experience's suspense and excitement. 
His penchant for VFX is on full display here. That, along with Aseem Bajaj’s cinematography, creates interesting imagery throughout the film, which is an adaptation of the Tamil film Kaithi (2019). While the action is the hero of the film, and pretty much drives the narrative, the story also has an emotional graph that will find a connect with the audience. An able supporting cast, including Sanjay Mishra, Gajraj Rao and Vineet Kumar, aid the narrative. While the use of Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai is lyrical and apt, the background score had scope for improvement.

There’s obviously a reason (which will be unveiled by the end of the film, watch out for it) why little is revealed about Bholaa’s past - apart from a brief glimpse of his romance with Amala Paul. You are left with many questions about the protagonist’s life, which an origin story is likely to help unfold - à la Baahubali. Stay back post the climax to know who will be Bholaa’s arch-enemy ahead. As for this one, Bholaa packs in quite a punch with his strength, grit and charisma.

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