Watch free Online Chatrapathi (Hindi) – High on action, low on emotions

Watch free Online Chatrapathi (Hindi) – High on action, low on emotions

Availability: May 12, 2023 2.5 out of 5

Featuring: Rajesh Sharma, Nushrratt Bharuccha, Bhagya Sree, Sharad Kelkar, Karan Singh Chhabra, Freddy Daruwala, and Sreenivas Bellamkonda among others

VV Vinayak is the director

Dhaval and Akshay Jayanthilal Gada are the producers.

Director of music: Tanishk Bagchi

Filmmaking: Nizar Shafi

Niranjan Devaramane is the author

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Sreenivas Bellamkonda has finally made his Bollywood debut with the remake of the Telugu smash Chatrapathi, riding high on the success of his Hindi dubbed flicks on YouTube. Chatrapathi, the name of the Hindi version, is also the name of the phenomenal Tollywood director VV Vinayak. The female lead has been portrayed by Nushrratt Bharuccha. Let's see how the movie does now that it has premiered on theatres.

Story : Along with his mother (Bhagya Sree) and brother Ashok (Karan Singh Chhabra), Shiva (Sreenivas Bellamkonda) resides in Pakistan. Because Shiva is not his biological brother, Ashok despises him. Shiva and his mother are one day separated by Ashok during a migration from Pakistan. As a refugee, Shiva arrives in Gujarat and is compelled to engage in criminal activity. A few years later, he changes into an aggressive guy. Shiva never gives up looking for his mother, either. At one point, Shiva rebels after one of the refugee camp's youngsters is attacked. He emerges as the champion of the oppressed, and soon he is known as Chatrapathi. Did Shiva finally get to see his mother? What difficulties did Ashok put Shiva through? This creates the rest of the story.

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Plus Point : As Chatrapathi, Sreenivas Bellamkonda is simply too talented. The Hindi version, which is expected to appeal to a wide audience, is the result of the actor's heart and soul. Sreenivas' dialogue delivery has significantly improved over his prior films. His action scenes are breathtaking, and Sreenivas once more reveals his dancer side. Sreenivas makes a promising film debut in Hindi overall.

The second half of the film is marginally superior to the first. Beautiful Karan Singh Chhabra, who played Shafi's part once more. The actor's posture and demeanor are perfect. The second half was watchable because to his scenes with Sreenivas.The second half's lengthy action scene, in which Sreenivas and Nusshratt are ambushed, is brilliantly planned. The dialogues and elevations are intended to amuse large audiences, and the creators partially succeed in this.

Minus Point : The emotional impact suffered as a result of the emphasis on the action scenes. Since the characters were introduced abruptly, there was little time for the spectator to develop a connection with them. Everything in the movie seems so manufactured, whether it's the mother's feeling, the hero's friendship with his fellow soldier, or the suffering the refugees go through. Though Bhagya Sree performed admirably, the screenplay made her character seem frail.

There is a wonderful underlying passion behind every combat scene in Rajamouli's Chatrapathi, even when we take into account the extensive action sequences. An adrenaline rush is produced by the way these emotional moments set up the battle scenes. Sadly, Chatrapathi's Hindi adaptation is jam-packed with generic moments that lack any sort of emotional resonance.The tracks are just too numerous, and their ordering is terrible. Compared to the original, the filmmakers made an effort to make the movie as brief as feasible. While doing so, the essential components were omitted, leaving it with no soul. No one has a problem with the humor tracks being cut, however several exquisite Chatrapathi scenes were left out of this adaptation. In his unimportant job, Sharad Kelkar is a waste of space.

Technical Aspects : The film is not improved by the unimpressive songs by Tanishk Bagchi or the noisy background score by Ravi Basrur. The cinematography of Nizar Shafi is attractive, and several action scenes have been beautifully recorded. The editor abruptly stopped many sequences in an effort to speed up the pace of the film. Despite this, the production values are strong.

Regarding the film's director, VV Vinayak, he accomplished a merely adequate job. The screenplay written by Mahadev is more to blame than his directing. Making alterations for a remake is acceptable, but care must be taken to preserve the original's integrity. Several decisions taken by the team had a negative outcome.

Verdict : In general, Chatrapathi is an action movie with little emotional scenes. Sreenivas takes the initiative and performs admirably. Karan Singh Chhabra is still another plus, although there isn't a good mix of the film's bulk and emotional components. While the film may not appeal to everyone in the audience, die-hard action fans can appreciate a few action sequences.

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