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Watch free online Transformers: Rise of the Beasts  | This One Surpasses Its Mediocre Predecessors by a Long Shot review

The Michael Bay-led Transformers franchise had a problematic and trashy style that pretty much made it uninteresting, including an absurd amount of collateral damage, excessive jingoistic aspects, needless degrees of slow motion, and exploitation of female characters. However, things have been somewhat encouraging since Bay stepped down from the director's position. The Bumblebee sequel was novel. In comparison to the franchise's previous mediocrity, the most recent installment, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, is significantly superior and less wearisome even though it appears to have been developed by artificial intelligence.

In 1994, when the story takes place, the Autobots, our heroes, are dormant. The local museum receives a key that will enable the planet-eating monster Unicron to traverse through space and time, and an expert staff member named Elena examines that odd object. She inadvertently blows the key cover, which immediately sends signals to Unicron and the Autobots. The decision is made by the Autobots to use the key to return to Cybertron, but Noah Diaz, a human, gets embroiled in the scheme. With the arrival of Scrouge, a servant of Unicron, the duty of defending the key from Unicron falls to the Autobots and humans. In Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, we witness how they are able to do so.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts appears to be a much better movie than its predecessors, as I mentioned at the opening of the review. I distinctly recall being in awe of the Shia Labeouf movies' spectacular effects but afterwards understanding how weak the storyline ultimately was. With Bumblebee, they began to consider the franchise as one that could successfully combine solid narrative and fan service. You notice a dosage drop even if Rise of the Beasts isn't as enlivening as Bumblebee. The American flag is displayed less frequently, there are no circling cameras, and except from a few brief instances during the fight sequence, the editing also preserves space continuity.

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Actually, what sets this movie apart from the competition is the humanizing element in the first parts of the plot. It's not a drama with a lot of set pieces. In actuality, a significant portion of the movie is devoted to developing the human characters. Even the set pieces are positioned in areas that don't have a lot of visible debris. The final act of the film serves as the basis for the AI scripting concept I discussed earlier. Bumblebee joins the fray in a manner reminiscent of Thor's spectacular Bring Me Thanos entrance in Infinity War. The heroics used to close the portal will make you think of the Avengers finale. When Optimus Prime orders the Autobots and Maximals to gather, he has a "Captain America" moment. Those sequences, if they weren't enough Noah is dressed in an Iron Man-like outfit. By the way, the Transformers: Beast Wars remake is giving a Hasbro franchise a makeover after its disastrous box office failure.

The new Shia Labeouf is Anthony Ramos, and he looks the part. The same can be said for Dominique Fishback, who convincingly captured Elena Wallace's curiosity and subject matter competence. It was entertaining to hear Peter Cullen, Pete Davidson, Ron Perlman, Peter Dinklage, and other voice actors. However, there were times when I thought hearing Optimus Prime speak in the same pace for every dialogue was a little too grating. It was almost as if Peter Cullen and Jongnic Bontemps might make it seem like a locker room pep talk even if Prime announces he's going to take a pee.

Overall, Steven Caple Jr.'s film feels like a promise that some substantial creative work is being done behind the scenes to turn it into an emotional drama rather than a high-budget visual effects extravaganza starring pricey cars. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is a movie that, overall, manages to restore faith in the brand even though it doesn't offer anything radically new.

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